Steph at her studio in Austin, TX

Our homes are not defined by geography or one particular location, but by memories, events, people, and places that span the globe.

— Marilyn Gardner, author of Between Worlds

I’m Steph! Born in Germany, I discovered early on that I have a nomadic gene. I moved to England in my twenties, met my husband, had two daughters, and after living in London and Kent for just over a decade, we moved to California. After six years on the West Coast, we opted for some Southern living and spent a year and a half in Austin, TX, before trying life in good old England again. This didn’t quite work out, and we returned to Austin, just over a year later. Fast forward another few years, and we’ve moved again, completing our US journey with a new home on the East Coast, in the suburbs of New Jersey. 

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I regret not having kept a journal when I left Germany 23 years ago. There are so many things we forget, and so I decided to change this when we moved to California. Part diary, part therapy, part infotainment, my blog has been an almost constant companion. 

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My family, ca. 7 years ago


Blogging is fun, but it can get lonely. So I decided to add another dimension to this expat adventure. I love talking to other people about their own experiences and enjoy looking at life through a different lens from time to time. My guests include a whole range of global adventurers and nomads, including trailing spouses, TCKs (third culture kids), professionals such as coaches and psychologists, and of course ex-expats – those brave enough to repatriate. And my latest endeavour will be conversations with cross-cultural couples. I’m so excited to be able to share their stories with you. ..Listen to the podcast


As an expat, I know what it’s like to leave your home country and all the people and things you know and love behind, and how lost and heartbroken you can feel. I can’t even get close to imagining the absolute terror, sadness and desperation that refugees have to go through, dealing with a new place that is not welcoming, and knowing they’ll probably never see their home country again. If you’d like to support my podcast as well as this cause, you can always “buy me a coffee“.