Avvinue Podcast Interview

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Nicole Caba from The Moving Roadmap Podcast, powered by Avvinue. It’s just been released, and if you’re interested, you can listen to it here, or read the transcript. Avvinue offers a relocation platform to coordinate your entire move abroad – anywhere in […]

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Road Trip – Part 2

Next stop: Fruita, Colorado. This was our base for a full week, a tiny one-horse town near Grand Junction, close to the Utah border, and the perfect base from which to explore this part of the country. S had to work for a few days, which suited me fine, as I still felt pretty rough, […]

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Road Trip – Part 1

I love a good road trip, and luckily, I live in a country that is made for road trips! If I wanted to sound cynical, I would say that right now, that’s about the only good thing about this country. But I don’t want to ruin the mood. We planned our road trip in lieu […]

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Lockdown Musings

May 2020 was supposed to be this crazy busy, amazing, end-of-an-era month. A May to remember! I have all those dates popping up in my calendar, dates that I meticulously noted at the beginning of the school year, in a previous life. Now they are evil reminders of the things we are missing.

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Beginnings and Exits

Hello 2020, and goodbye England, my old friend. We started the new year, and the new decade, with a quick one-week trip across the pond, which included a couple of days with friends, a few days in London with my parents and dinner with my in-laws, and of course meeting my new nephew and niece, […]

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part II – Christmas

One more day until Christmas now. I swear, yesterday I still had a week. At least I’m done with my Christmas shopping, and I even managed to send out a handful of cards (by handful, I mean that literally, so don’t be disappointed if you’re not getting one). I’ve decided not to get sucked into all the usual Christmas stress, but rather, to enjoy the season and try and relax a little. I have to, as this car crash of a year simply has to end on a good note. 2020, I’m so ready for you!

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