Lockdown Musings

May 2020 was supposed to be this crazy busy, amazing, end-of-an-era month. A May to remember! I have all those dates popping up in my calendar, dates that I meticulously noted at the beginning of the school year, in a previous life. Now they are evil reminders of the things we are missing.… Continue reading Lockdown Musings

Beginnings and Exits

Hello 2020, and goodbye England, my old friend. We started the new year, and the new decade, with a quick one-week trip across the pond, which included a couple of days with friends, a few days in London with my parents and dinner with my in-laws, and of course meeting my new nephew and niece,… Continue reading Beginnings and Exits

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part II – Christmas

One more day until Christmas now. I swear, yesterday I still had a week. At least I’m done with my Christmas shopping, and I even managed to send out a handful of cards (by handful, I mean that literally, so don’t be disappointed if you’re not getting one). I’ve decided not to get sucked into all the usual Christmas stress, but rather, to enjoy the season and try and relax a little. I have to, as this car crash of a year simply has to end on a good note. 2020, I’m so ready for you!… Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part II – Christmas

Be Your Best Self?

I’ve been feeling really torn lately. I seem to have fallen into this “busy, busy, gotta go, no time” trap that so many people around me are also caught up in, and I don’t like it. There’s such a fine balance between being busy and fulfilled, and being busy and overwhelmed. I don’t like that… Continue reading Be Your Best Self?

Oh, Austin!

We survived another Texas summer. This last week was so hot, but tomorrow, Canada’s sending down a cold front, and the temperature will dip below 18C/65F for the first time since April. Oh, Austin, we cannot wait! It’s been over a year since we moved back here, and it seems that the name of my… Continue reading Oh, Austin!


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