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39. Janine Christie

39. When life gives you lemons – with Janine Christie Transcontinental Overload

Today's guest is Janine, a Canadian expat in Valencia, Spain. Janine left Canada over 14 years ago, but never planned to stay this long. Cupid had other plans, however, and she ended up staying, and after initial bumps in the road, is now fully embracing her expat existence. We talk about the strange sense of not belonging, how to survive – and even embrace – the dark days, and why being stubborn is a good thing. We discuss toxic positivity on social media, and how finding your voice and staying true to yourself are the most powerful weapons as an expat. Janine is married to a Welshman, so of course we had to have a little nostalgic gush fest about Gavin & Stacey – if you've never seen it and are curious about Wales, this is the show to watch. An absolute institution, not just in the UK. You can find Janine on Instagram, and learn more about her services as a copywriter and writing coach on her new website, So Janine Christie, which will be launched very soon! In the meantime, her previous rants and observations can be found on her old website, My Expatations.  Find out more about me on my website, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @overloadedsteph, and if you like, buy me a coffee! 
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