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Episode 34: Corinna Emery

34. A rollercoaster of love – with Corinna Emery Transcontinental Overload

My guest today is Corinna, a fellow German in the US. Corinna currently lives in Cape Cod with her American husband and two children, although they hadn't planned to live there, and might still up sticks and relocate.Corinna's story resonated with me on so many levels – being married to someone not from your home country, trying to make it work in one country, but missing another, relocating and doubting your decisions… but you just keep going. And Corinna and Ben's love story is a truly mesmerizing one! Corinna also has some great tips for traveling with children, and how to stay sane and survive as a couple when you experience so many different situations together. As you will hear in this interview, this woman is a fighter – I mean, who founds two businesses while traveling with kids, no long-term plan and no home to return to?!I'm so excited to share this love story with you. If you want to find out more about Corinna and her travels, go to her Instagram. And of course, check out Corinna's businesses:Ryde and Roam, children's vintage wear The Caep, phone accessoriesIf you're a German expat or someone who speaks German, here's another podcast for you, Muttersprache-Podcast, hosted by Monique Menesi. Check it out!
  1. 34. A rollercoaster of love – with Corinna Emery
  2. 33. French bias in the USA – with Marie Thouvenot
  3. 32. "You go me on the cookie" – discovering Germany with Dana Newman
  4. 31. Turning your life upside down (does anyone read the small print?) – with Cath Brew
  5. 30. From Nebraska to Tanzania – with Brenda Kimaro
  6. 29. The dangers of stereotyping – are our differences cultural or character driven? – with Sundae Schneider-Bean
  7. 28. Standing your ground in Egypt – with Carol El Hawary
  8. 27. Finding home (and your expat super power) in an unexpected place – with Nicole Palazzo
  9. 26. A little anniversary message
  10. 25. Finding your strengths in the transience of expat life – with Katherine from Bad Days Abroad
33. Marie Thouvenot
32. Dana Newman
31. Cath Brew
30. Brenda Kimaro
29. Sundae Schneider-Bean
28. Carol El Hawary
27. Nicole Palazzo
26. one year in!
25. Katherine / Bad Days Abroad
24: Martina / Almonds & Sunset
23. David McNeill
22. Felicia aka German Girl in America
21. Etienne de Bruin
19. Rachel Stewart
18. Oscar Mariani
17. Dr. Laura Anderson
16. Sophie Durre
14. Terry Anne Wilson
13. Nate Ritter
12. Jacqueline Jeffries
11. Micah Willbrand
10. Luise Gutsche
9. Maija Lähdesmäki
8. Steph Fuccio
7. Shaun Behrens
6. Claire Hauxwell
3. Sarah Black
2. Cath Brew

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