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Episode 17: Dr. Laura Anderson

16. What it's like when you don't fit in a box – with Sophie Durre Transcontinental Overload

My guest today is Sophie, whom I met at work here in Austin. She was in total disguise when we met; to me, she sounded just like any other American girl in her twenties, and I had no idea she was a TCK with a very varied international background, until I heard her speak Italian on the phone. I'm so happy she wanted to be interviewed for my podcast, and it was fascinating to hear her family's story and her perspective as a TCK. We talk about the difficulties of being thrown into a new country with a new language at a young age, what it's like to maintain friendships over time and distance, and how tough it can be to reveal, and be proud of your full self when you're surrounded by people who don't necessarily want to hear the whole story. And if you want to check out today's sponsor: Durre
  1. 16. What it's like when you don't fit in a box – with Sophie Durre
  2. 15. a) Interview with myself – English
  3. 15. b) Interview mit mir selbst – Deutsch
  4. 14. Roots, repatriation, and getting to know your post-expat persona – with Terry Anne Wilson
  5. 13. Lessons from a failed expat – with Nate Ritter
  6. 12. Creating roots in a global setting – with Jacqueline Jeffries
  7. 11. Separated by a common language – with Micah Willbrand
  8. 10. Juggling global family life – with Luise Gutsche
  9. 9. Blending cultures: Finnish roots and family identity in California – with Maija Lähdesmäki
  10. 8. Confucius, noodles, and the art of being a global nomad – with Steph Fuccio
16. Sophie Durre
14. Terry Anne Wilson
13. Nate Ritter
12. Jacqueline Jeffries
11. Micah Willbrand
10. Luise Gutsche
9. Maija Lähdesmäki
8. Steph Fuccio
7. Shaun Behrens
6. Claire Hauxwell
3. Sarah Black
2. Cath Brew

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