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Episode 23: David McNeill

23. Dreams, wanderlust and the power of intuition – with David McNeill from Expat Empire Transcontinental Overload

Today, I have the great pleasure of talking to Expat Empire founder David McNeill.  Originally from the United States, David has lived in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin, and is currently based in Porto, Portugal.He started Expat Empire because he has a genuine passion for living abroad, and wants to inspire people to move and show them how to do it. He has produced books, podcasts and blog posts, organizes meetup events and offers personalized consulting services to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their international dreams. In our chat, we cover a whole range of topics, from the importance of having a dream and the willingness to take risks, to learning patience and trusting (and honing) your intuition in order to move forward.If you're planning a move abroad, or if you're an expat who feels stuck in your current situation and are looking for change or an improvement of your circumstances, make sure you take a look at David's website, Expat Empire. You can contact him directly by email at, and follow him on Instagram.And if you're thinking of moving to Japan, check out his book "Passport to working in Japan".
  1. 23. Dreams, wanderlust and the power of intuition – with David McNeill from Expat Empire
  2. 22. Turning your expat life into a job – with Feli aka German Girl in America
  3. 21. From expat to immigrant – with Etienne de Bruin
  4. 20. I'm dreaming of a German Christmas…
  5. 19. Meet the Germans II – with Rachel Stewart
  6. 18. Sticking to a plan when you belong nowhere and everywhere – with Oscar Mariani
  7. 17. Parental guilt, expat bias and the joys of moving with teenagers – with Laura Anderson
  8. 16. What it's like when you don't fit in a box – with Sophie Durre
  9. 15. a) Interview with myself – English
  10. 15. b) Interview mit mir selbst – Deutsch
22. Felicia aka German Girl in America
21. Etienne de Bruin
20. Yours Truly
19. Rachel Stewart
18. Oscar Mariani
17. Dr. Laura Anderson
16. Sophie Durre
14. Terry Anne Wilson
13. Nate Ritter
12. Jacqueline Jeffries
11. Micah Willbrand
10. Luise Gutsche
9. Maija Lähdesmäki
8. Steph Fuccio
7. Shaun Behrens
6. Claire Hauxwell
3. Sarah Black
2. Cath Brew

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