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Juggling global family life – with Luise Gutsche Transcontinental Overload

In this episode, I talk to fellow German and nomad Luise Gutsche about the importance of a global (online?) support system, managing family life on various continents, the benefits of boarding school, and what it's like to be stranded in your home country when you didn't expect to be there that long. Luise is a passionate photographer, you can find her here. Her blog, Shanghai Calling (it's in German), is a treasure trove of topics. I highly recommend it! She's happy to connect with you, if you have any questions on expat life, boarding schools, etc., or just want to make contact. Of course, she's on Instagram too. Enjoy!
  1. Juggling global family life – with Luise Gutsche
  2. Blending cultures: Finnish roots and family identity in California – with Maija Lähdesmäki
  3. Confucius, noodles, and the art of being a global nomad – with Steph Fuccio
  4. Meet the Germans! – with Shaun Behrens
  5. Trailing spouses, tricky transitions and transforming the Swiss – with Claire Hauxwell
  6. How to make the most of our expat toolbox – with Kim Adams (part 2)
  7. Identity, resilience and how to turn expat struggles into strengths – with Kim Adams (Part 1)
  8. How to expat in Norway and Texas – with Sarah Black
  9. Banter, Belonging and Big Skies – with Cath Brew
  10. Introducing Transcontinental Overload – the Podcast

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