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38. Megan & Simon Bucknall

38. A Brit walks into a bar in New York – with Megan and Simon Bucknall Transcontinental Overload

Hello, I'm back! Today I don't have just one guest, but two! Married couple Megan from the US and Simon from the UK are on the show to tell us their story and share some insights into the differences between their countries."Great Britain and America are two countries divided by a common language" – this famous George Bernard Shaw quote couldn't be more true.Megan grew up near Austin, Texas,  moved to California after college and then to New York, where she met Simon from the UK, who had taken the opportunity to leave his home country for a job posting in the US. They talk us through how they met, and how their different backgrounds have influenced their relationship and decisions. Topics include language and behaviour, US vs. British dating rules, and of course, food! British vs. US dishes, spices and special traditions, such as turkey two ways.In case you're still wondering what Yorkshire puddings are, here's a link to provide more information! And equally so for Tamales. I just didn't have room in the episode.  See you next time!
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