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Episode 29: Sundae Schneider-Bean

29. The dangers of stereotyping – are our differences cultural or character driven? – with Sundae Schneider-Bean Transcontinental Overload

My guest today is the wonderful Sundae Schneider-Bean, author, podcaster, and intercultural coach and strategist, whose mission is to help global individuals achieve their international and personal goals.Having been a member of Sundae's coaching program, I loved hearing her story – from meeting her Swiss husband on a backpacking trip, to moving to Switzerland, experiencing a terrorist coup in Burkina Faso and then relocating to South Africa, with a few solo parenting stints, identity crises and challenges thrown in along the way.We discuss what it means to differentiate between cultural and personal differences within a relationship, the importance of equality when it comes to decision making, how to give  yourself space to adjust and sometimes grieve, and so much more. If you're interested in finding out more about Sundae and her work, make sure you listen to her podcast Expat Happy Hour, or visit her website!And here's a link to her Love Letter Every International Couple Needs to Read.
  1. 29. The dangers of stereotyping – are our differences cultural or character driven? – with Sundae Schneider-Bean
  2. 28. Standing your ground in Egypt – with Carol El Hawary
  3. 27. Finding home (and your expat super power) in an unexpected place – with Nicole Palazzo
  4. 26. A little anniversary message
  5. 25. Finding your strengths in the transience of expat life – with Katherine from Bad Days Abroad
  6. 24. Loving your global life – with Martina from Almonds & Sunset
  7. 23. Dreams, wanderlust and the power of intuition – with David McNeill from Expat Empire
  8. 22. Turning your expat life into a job – with Feli aka German Girl in America
  9. 21. From expat to immigrant – with Etienne de Bruin
  10. 20. I'm dreaming of a German Christmas…
28. Carol El Hawary
27. Nicole Palazzo
26. one year in!
25. Katherine / Bad Days Abroad
24: Martina / Almonds & Sunset
23. David McNeill
22. Felicia aka German Girl in America
21. Etienne de Bruin
20. Yours Truly
19. Rachel Stewart
18. Oscar Mariani
17. Dr. Laura Anderson
16. Sophie Durre
14. Terry Anne Wilson
13. Nate Ritter
12. Jacqueline Jeffries
11. Micah Willbrand
10. Luise Gutsche
9. Maija Lähdesmäki
8. Steph Fuccio
7. Shaun Behrens
6. Claire Hauxwell
3. Sarah Black
2. Cath Brew

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