Ok, so now I know what they mean when they say it does get VERY hot for a couple of weeks each summer. And if this isn’t really the temperature they are talking about, then I’m quite glad we’re off to cooler European climes in a couple of weeks (oh how I know I will eat my words). What a weekend we’ve had….. it’s scorching out there, and I’m writing this at half past 5 in the afternoon. We have literally spent all day today lolloping around in pursuit of the coolest spot in the house (outdoors unthinkable), in various degrees of undress. E and F actually chose not to get dressed at all today, but (bizarrely) would put on their swimming cozzies whenever they went outside to cool off (get boiled) in the paddling pool. I haven’t even managed to make it that far. Now of course I’m blaming the heat (and I honestly am not complaining about the temperature, what better excuse to simply do nothing at all), but maybe the fact that we spent all day yesterday drinking in the heat has some role in the general lethargy. A great day, mediocre football, but fantastic company, good food and nice wine. An interesting mix of work colleagues, neighbours, school acquaintances with their families turned up and fell upon the Cook household. And we even managed to actually watch the game, or at least parts of it, I was more successful today watching Germany beat Australia (quite beautifully I would like to add). Most left mid afternoon, fed and watered, but of course the hard core stayed on till the evening, and we enjoyed some wonderful drunken conversations. Perfect.

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