Sitting in the lounge at Heathrow, sipping my 3rd cappucino (I’ll switch to champagne on board, natch) and watching my girls stuff their faces with sweets. The weather in England this morning has been horrendous, which makes saying good bye so much easier! I’m really, really looking forward to going home now and see my man, who left 3 weeks before us…
It’s fun to watch all the people in the lounge, I always try and listen in on conversations and try and puzzle together people’s stories by little soundbites. Just been listening to the very posh teenager in the breakfast queue ahead of me ordering his meal and thought, if I had a son and he spoke like that, I’d thump him. I’ve heard quite a few English accents, but that one was pure caricature. Oh how I prefer my daughters’ Kentish tunes – long may the last (but of course I know they won’t). Especially if they won’t be back in the UK for another year, which seems highly likely. Anyway, I’d better gather our stuff together and get ready to board our plane – I’ll be back Stateside!!!

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