A few great bbqs, a birthday party, a picnic in the park with friends and a visit to a shopping mall (on my blissful own) later, and life is all hunky dory again.
The day E turned 8 (I still can’t quite believe I have an 8-year-old daughter) I decided to stop moping (even though the very thought of having been a mum for 8 years could have sent me back into the dark abyss) and throw myself into organising her party. And what a party it was. I have to say, those little American girls are just and simply amazing. We all know how confident and good at small talk adult Americans are, but the kids!!! Oh they were so great, and well mannered, and polite, and funny… I was quite blown away by them. Not that I haven’t come across well-mannered and polite little people before, mind, but to have such an enjoyable evening with other peoples’ kids is quite a revelation. Or it could be that my mind was still somewhat fuzzy after our lunch… we decided to try out something different and go out for E’s birthday lunch (she wasn’t bothered at all where, just had her nose buried in one of the many new books she’d been given, and so we ended up having sushi). And ordered the most diabolically spicy thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. I swear they put something in it that made me go all funny. Now, my experience with drugs is more than limited limited, but after I’d eaten one of those “dynamite rolls” I really felt like I’d been taking some kind of mind-altering substance. Bloody hell. And I love spicy food, but that was a step too far.
Anyway, and now it’s all back to school and the usual daily grind. F loves her new pre-school, which is great, and E is happy with her new teacher, and her new class. They mix up the classes every year here, so we were quite nervous to see who (if any) of her friends, would be in her class. Luckily, one of her best friends is, and by the sounds of it, E has already made a few new ones.
And me? Some work, going back to the gym (ouch), a few dates in the diary, and I’m all sorted. Roll on the next few months, it must be Halloween next. Hard to imagine now, the last couple of days have been the hottest of the year (up to 40 Celsius), but I’m sure time will fly.

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