Ah, it’s “Holiday Season”! And “holidays”, in this country, mean Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that’s involved around those celebrations. I’m very excited about the former (my first proper Thanksgiving, and arguably the biggest celebration on the American calendar), and slightly apprehensive about the latter. But more of that later….
We’re about to start our first big road trip on Saturday, planning to drive all the way up to Portland, Oregon, which I’m told is one of the best places to visit – and I’ve been told this by a variety of people, not just Americans (I have become deeply suspicious whenever Americans hype something up, as more often than not, it doesn’t quite live up to the ensuing expectations. My expectations, anyway). So we’re packing for colder weather, having enjoyed a whole week of spring, or even summer, temperatures and blue skies. I can’t get my head round warm Christmas weather, and I think that’s why the fact that it’s only 5 or so weeks away leaves me cold right now. I need cold, I need snow. And so do the girls. I think it’s home sickness in disguise. We’re done with the sunshine for now, but somehow rainy weather isn’t good either. This place is made for sunshine, and nothing else works, which is why we need to go away. And possibly for Christmas too. I’m now convinced I’ll just be a crying mess at Christmas, should we decide to stay at home, with no friends or family to celebrate with. I’m sure there will be plenty of invites and people knocking on the door with festive wishes etc, but I don’t think I can pull off a happy Christmas for the 4 of us. Am feeling ever so slightly emotionally overwhelmed by it all. It’s funny how my mood changes from one day to the next. Here I was, a week ago, loving it all and seriously thinking I could happily spend the rest of my life in this place, and now, just 7 days later, wanting to pack a bag and come home… I suppose it’s because we had such a great few days with an old friend of mine from Germany, went sightseeing in town and to the beach, proudly showing off our new life and generally having a ball. We saw seals, and otters, and pelicans, the girls played on the beach in the evening sun, we were so relaxed…. And then he left, and I realised how much I had needed to share this gorgeous piece of America with someone. And now it’s just us, with no visitors for a while and Christmas looming…. and I’m just not in the mood for it. I guess I’ll focus on enjoying Thanksgiving, and start thinking about the rest of the year after I’ve stuffed my face with turkey. I reckon that’s not a bad plan.

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