Time for a bit of lounge-blogging. I’m sat in the VA lounge at SF airport, waiting to board a plane to London, drinking a Virgin Redhead (which involves raspberries and LOTS of gin and has thus nothing virginal about it, and is of course all the more delicious for it). A whole week of holiday ahead of us, yay! But first, another heads-up:
S had another “incident” involving his Britishness. This time at work. I know – boooo-ring. This country is so boring as far as communication is concerned. It’s crazy how careful you have to be (and I’ve written about this before). But apparently, we’re not the only ones struggling with this. Take Ricky Gervais, for example, presenting the Golden Globes. I haven’t actually seen it, but I probably would have loved Ricky and slapped my thighs with mirth, and then cringed on behalf of the Americans he targeted. This is the article I would have written if I a) had watched the Golden Globes, b) was a truly eloquent writer (see, I don’t think “eloquent” is appropriate here, but I can’t think of a better word, and am in too much of a rush to bother thinking) and c) was working for the Economist (which of course I would be in a perfect world). Anyway, I love this article, and am so glad not to be the only one having those thoughts….
And now I’m off to order another Redhead. It’s gonna be a looooong flight….

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