It’s sunny again in California, finally. I feel so much better, it’s like looking at everything with rose-tinted spectacles. The light in this part of the world is amazing; it blows me away again and again. I went on a long hike this morning (yes, actually an actual “hike” rather than a walk) with a friend and am slowly feeling whole again. Another trip to Tahoe this weekend, and I’ll be a new person! And just to complete the rosy picture: this evening, E made me so proud when she read a few pages of a new German book to me and F so beautifully and fluently that I just wanted to weep and smother her with kisses… which, luckily for her, I managed not to do. Imagine the horror…. Then I read a story to F and asked her afterwards to tell me in her own (German) words what it was all about. And she did, adding a few flourishes to it, as is F’s custom (embellishing things is her thing – either in the form of decorations, flower arrangements, or telling beautiful lies). I love them both so very much.

I’m loving today: Cheap, excellent Mexican food. Cheap, excellent wine. Only in California.

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