So, yes, I slept all night. Sorry! I did not set my alarm for 3am to watch the big spectacle, but I did go online first thing this morning to check everybody’s FB comments and of course to see Kate’s dress! And now here I am, at midday, enjoying the footage all by myself, with a big vanilla latte in front of me (have I mentioned that we moved to within 200m of Starbucks?). Alas, it’s a far cry from an authentic British street party. It’s just not the same here, despite the American enthusiasm for all things Royal Family. And my daughters couldn’t have been less interested. F politely looked at the dress and giggled at the Royal kiss(es), but E just pulled a face when I suggested she take a little Union Jack to school to give to her teacher (who would have LOVED that). All they grumbled about was the fact that their friends in England got a day off school. I hope we can get them a little bit more excited about the Olympics next year, and if our ticket application is successful, it’ll be quite an experience!
It’s been a busy few weeks for me. Last weekend we finally moved house, and I am so happy we did! Of course, there’s still tons of boxes to unpack, and all that boring stuff, but the relief that we’ve done it is immense. On our first night we walked a whole 3 minutes to the nearest Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some well-deserved Margaritas, knowing we didn’t have to drive back. Bliss!
I’ve also been working more, which has been great for the ego (and my wallet), and now my days are so full that I don’t have any time to get homesick, which I guess is a good thing. Life is pretty good right now, and it looks like summer is fast approaching. The weather has been very mixed this last month, and updates from the UK and Germany about heatwaves and spring sunshine have made me rather depressed as I looked out at the grey skies around here. But not any longer! The sky is as Californian blue as it gets, and – if the locals and my own experience from last year are to be trusted – this is to stay now until November! I’ll probably miss all this when we leave for Europe after July 4th!!!
The kids are on the home stretch now at school; national testing starts next week, and after that it’s only another 5 weeks or so until they break up for the summer. E started school exactly one year ago, what a strange feeling…. Next week is “Teacher Appreciation Week”, which I kind of missed last year, as I had no idea what it was. So this year, we’re doing it properly! And boy, is it intense! Morning treats, lunch, flowers, presents for the teacher every day of the week – both school and pre-school. And it doesn’t stop with the treats – they still get one big fat present at the end of the school year too! But it’s the tradition here, and the parents fall over themselves to bring bigger and better things. Must be nice to be a teacher… I can’t help but grumble and think, isn’t this their job? I want parent appreciation week, not one lousy day a year! But hey, it’s kind of nice, and why not spend a few extra hours to think of and then create something? Hmmmmm.

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