Ah, can’t beat a bit of holiday blues…. Arriving back from a week on the beach in Mexico to rain and grey skies was not good. But 2 days later, the sun came out again, and we’re enjoying California once more, at least for a few days before making our big trip across the pond to “summer in Europe”.
We had a great week, with the girls developing webs between their fingers and toes from too much time in the pool, S finally relaxing on his boogie board, and me mainly lounging, reading and drinking Margaritas – just what the doctor ordered. E and F even swam with dolphins, which was utterly amazing, although they seemed to think this was pretty normal. And well, I guess to children here, it’s not that crazily special – the majority of them have already done it! I just can’t believe F is only 5 and has already had this amazing experience. I just want to shake her, listening to her casually saying things like “and then the dolphin pushed my feet and I went really fast”. That is soooo special, F, you have no idea! You were in the water with a real dolphin!!!

And then I’m thinking, is it all too much too soon? These kids are having such an amazingly charmed life; they live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, eat gorgeous food, can do any activity they like, and are surrounded by happy people. How can you top that? But I guess that’s my job as a parent, to make sure they know how special all this is. And they do know. When asked if this was her best holiday yet, E thought for a moment, then said “Hm, no. It was great, but the best one was Easter in Germany two years ago. Cause everybody was there.”

And now we’re getting ready to leave our new home behind for 6 weeks, and catch up with our old life – I can’t believe it’s been a year since we last saw everybody. Having looked forward to this for so long, I now find I have mixed feelings… I can’t wait to see my friends and family, but it’s so gorgeous here right now that I’m reluctant to leave it all behind! I wonder how I’ll feel when we’re there. I’m bound to feel different, to see things with different eyes. It’s like we’re living in this bubble right now – far away from what’s going on in the world – and now we’re going to face reality. That’s the interesting thing about living here. The US West coast is truly as far away from everything as possible. If you don’t want to know what’s going on in the world, you don’t have to! I suspect that’s why Californians are so laid back and happy – they just live in their pretty (well, pretty stunning) bubble, go about their daily lives and blissfully ignore the rest. It’s so damn easy! I do look forward to sniffing some European air, soaking up some culture, maybe even talking politics, but will I still belong? One thing is certain: I will love every minute of being there…. but I’ll be very happy to return to my little bubble.

But before we board the plane, we need to go out and celebrate our first proper 4th of July – bbq and temperatures in the 90s (30+ Celsius), just the way it should be.

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