What a strange experience, watching the London Olympics in the States; the 8-hour time difference is messing it all up very badly. I am so glad I had the opportunity to watch at least part of the games while in Europe, live on TV, and even live at the events (yes, I saw rowing gold being won at Eton!). What fun to be in London at that time, to see the whole city glowing with pride, to see grumpy Londoners smile and actually talk to each other, short, to feel the Olympic spirit. And to sit with friends and family, watching the events as they happened, to cheer, groan, laugh and feel a connection. And then we had to leave, expecting to continue our TV marathons over here. Ha! Like that would have ever happened. Because to be perfectly honest, Olympic coverage in this country sucks. Big time. Of course I’ve been getting all the updates on my Olympics app, but wanting to watch the action is a different undertaking. It’s the penultimate day today, and we’ve waited all day for coverage of the day’s highlights, which are broadcast at prime time. It started 45 minutes ago, and we’ve yet to see any sport. Right now they’re showing snippets of history, covering World War II. Seriously. I suppose it must be an attempt to educate America. Assuming that a lot of US citizens have no idea where London is, and what history it has to offer, it’s probably quite a clever ploy to introduce people to something more than just sports. Well, it seems like E, who is staying up and desperate to watch her team GB heroes, is having a mini history lesson, with heavy emphasis on the Anglo-American relationship. It’s all quite interesting (and apparently some award-winning documentary), but frankly, please can you wind it up and give us the flaming Olympics?!

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