I don’t know if it’s age – I am fast approaching 40 – or if it actually is the slow Americanization and its positive effect on me (not to mention the relentless cheerfulness of Californian sunshine), but over the last couple of years, I’ve become a good deal more adventurous and “can do” than I’ve ever been before. So, these last few weeks, I’ve done a few things that I would never have expected to do ever:
I bought a season pass for a theme park.
I went gluten-free (becoming ever so much more health-conscious).
I taught an art lesson in a Mormon church (and managed not to curse, or even giggle when they went all religious).
I tried surfing (and actually managed to stand up and ride a wave all the way to the beach).
California’s got me. Oh, and have I mentioned that I just signed up as assistant soccer coach for F’s team next season?
I am shaking my head as I write this. Who is this person?! All I can say is that I’ve come a loooong way. It’s a good feeling.

One thought on “ Americanization (Cont’d) ”

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