So, all of a sudden, life is a lot better. Yesterday we finally moved into our new home, and today is such a gorgeous, sunny day, and I have a garden, and happy children who run around like crazed little donkeys. Of course we haven’t got our furniture yet and are making do with blow-up beds and mattresses, and no plates or cutlery, but for the first time in ages, we can actually relax and feel like we’ve arrived. The children have decided the massive cardboard box the new sofa came in is the perfect summer cottage, and spend all day outside decorating it and having picnics in it.
The highlight of the day is the absolutely unmissable event that is the annual Los Altos Pet Parade, which we’ve been told about ever since we got here. We don’t really know what to expect and are quite impressed with the parade of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, tortoises, iguanas, parrots, horses and even a snail on a rock – young and old gather and march along the 2 main streets of the town. The atmosphere is great, and not really too OTT American, just a friendly bunch of people showing off and enjoying themselves. We finish off with rainbow ice cream at Baskin Robbins, and return to our manor to enjoy the afternoon sunshine in our “yard”. Apparently the weather is not so good tomorrow, so we postpone further home improvements until then.

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