It happened! Neighbours armed with cake! I did wonder whether that was going to happen, Desperate Housewives style, and ta-daaa, on day two they came. The lemon cake and lemonade made with lemons from some other neighbour’s garden were absolutely delicious, and I will actually seriously ask for the recipe (I hope she’s not a Bree). Inspired, I’ve spent most of this evening baking a birthday cake for F, who’s turning 4 tomorrow. Unfortunately she will have to share her special day with the removal men, but I’m sure we’ll squeeze in some celebrating. I wonder how she’ll be tomorrow, in the car she asked me all seriously whether and how and when all her friends from England would come to her birthday party. Hmm, I wonder too. There’s plenty of pink, horse-shaped cake to eat, anyway. On a more maudlin note, E has been having terrible pangs of homesickness. It really breaks my heart, because I understand exactly what she’s going through. She’s been so cool and mature about the whole thing, and I did ask myself if and when she was ever going to crumble. She really enjoys her new school, and has made some lovely friends (a couple are coming over for a play date later this week), and she adores the stables we go to now, but she really, really misses her friends from back home quite badly. And emails just don’t cut it for a 7 year old. I hope going back in July won’t be a set back for her…. I know she’ll wake up bright and breezy again in the morning, but bedtime was so hard for all of us. F, bless her, ended up kissing and cuddling her sister, and the 2 clung on to each other, and begged me to let them sleep together in one bed. Of course, after 5 minutes, the shrieking and giggling made me go up and separate them again, but F had accomplished her mission. Of course, S thinks it’s all female hormones and drama, and she shouldn’t look back but focus on the good stuff and all that, but honestly, isn’t that a bit much to ask from a 7 year old?! Men… they just don’t have a clue about things like that, do they?!
By the way, did I mention I passed my written driving test? Practical to follow in 2 weeks…

One thought on “ A Welcome From the Neighbo(u)rs ”

  1. Stef, I love reading your blogs they're brilliant but I spend half of the time either smiling because it all sounds so lovely or crying because of your homesickness (which I am doing right now after reading this one!). Will get Poppy to reply to Elise soon. Take care and just think that trip back home will be here before you can imagine.Mandy xxxxx


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