Oh what an emotional moment, when our container finally arrived!

Very strange to think that the same thing left Ruby Walk just 6 weeks ago, and now it’s here! 287 boxes later, our enthusiasm waned slightly…. but we soldier on, putting stuff away (thank god for plenty of built in cupboards) and trying to celebrate F’s birthday in between it all. It’s bliss finally sitting down to devour cake and ice cream, followed by a leisurely walk through one of the beautiful park/playgrounds nearby.

The children are soooo happy to have all their toys and books back and try to play with everything at once. I reckon it’ll take a while to tidy up!
Today, F and I take my mum back to the airport. It’s been so great having her here, helping with everything, and sharing this huge experience. She’s been with us at every stage of the process!

I’m loving today: Ladies’ Day at the gas station. You drive up, a nice hunky hunk asks what services are required (!), and they run around doing it all while you sit in your car admiring the view. Sigh… it’s kind of a good start to the day (plus my scales have told me I lost 4 pounds since I got here, which just goes to show that eating a lot of junk and not exercising is good for you!).

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