Gorgeous Californian weather today. S’s parents are here at the moment, and we’re finally ready to explore, after having spent the last few weeks trying to get settled in our new home. We decide to go and see the redwood trees, and drive down south-west to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park to admire these gigantic, awe-inspiring Sequoia trees, which make everything else seem to tiny and unimportant. The girls love climbing over fallen trees, spotting wildlife and have a wonderful time running around, while we try and get our heads round the fact that some of these trees are more than 2000 years old.

The way back is leading us along Highway 1, via Santa Cruz (which has something about it and could be my favourite spot here, don’t ask me why but I’ll find out), it runs right along the Pacific coast, with stunning views across the sea. Simply breathtaking, and all this with a bright, technicolour blue sky as background.

Still, I wish I could just be here on holiday.

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