How quickly this time has passed… We’ve been here almost 3 months, and it’s time for our first trip back home. The bags are packed, and we’ve got one more weekend here (including the dreaded England v Germany tragedy on Sunday morning). It’ll be strange to leave all this behind and go back to Europe, to see our friends and family. I feel like I’ve been away for at least 6 months, probably because I’d left the UK mentally quite a while before actually physically leaving. I have to admit to myself that I’ll probably miss my new home – we’ll be gone 6 weeks, which will include the UK, Portugal and Germany. It’s going to be strange catching up with my friends; while I’ve been experiencing all this, their lives carried on as usual, and they’ll probably look at me and think “Hey, you’ve only just left!” Oh if only they knew what I’ve been through these last few months…

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