Back in the UK now, and it looks like England has rolled out the red carpet for us with amazing sunshine and soaring temperatures. We’re staying at my in-laws (who are away on holiday this week, but have left us a well-stocked fridge and of course the swimming pool to use at leisure, so pretty perfect really. It’s nice to be back, although I’m still feeling slightly disorientated. It really seems so much longer than just 3 months….
Driving through the country lanes today, I nearly cried because it all looked so beautiful, not in the California-style vast, bright coloured and mega-sized style, but so very English, with lush meadows, wild flowers, narrow lanes bordered by blooming hedges, softly rolling hills, and roses, roses everywhere. And the sky is a faded blue with a few fluffy clouds scattered through… ah, now I’m turning a bit soppy, I know. But I just love this kind of landscape so much, and even though California is quite stunningly gorgeous too, it just doesn’t touch me in the same way (maybe I should live there a bit longer, and then I’ll miss it when I’m back in rainy Blighty for good). But if the two places were dresses, California would be your bright-coloured, easy-going beach dress (to be worn with groomed blond tresses and bangles), and England your slightly washed-out tea dress with little flowers on it (to be worn with a messy up-do and some delicate vintage jewellery). Sorry, now I’m totally losing the plot. I blame the jetlag.
I can only hope tonight’s gonna be better; F woke me up from deepest slumber at half past one in the morning, wide awake and hungry. After we shared some hot chocolate and a couple of biscuits, neither of us could go back to sleep, but we did manage eventually, and then slept through till almost 10 in the morning. So, please cross your fingers for a better night…

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