Another busy week, S and I were both counting down the days to the weekend… and it’s Labor Day Weekend so we get an extra day!
Been back to Santa Cruz this week, to see a band – Jenny & Johnny (as in Lewis and Rice), who were playing at the Rio Theatre. They were great, it’s their first tour as a band. I’d been to see Jenny Lewis before, at Koko in London, which is quite a small venue, but this one was even smaller, and we were only about 2 metres from the stage. Check them out!

E had her first Brownie meeting and came out raving about it all, she wouldn’t stop talking about it, bless her.

The children in the UK have started back at school, and obviously all of F’s old friends have now had their first day at “Big School”. Made me quite sad in some ways, but then again, F is so happy here and enjoying pre-school, so I feel quite good about her not going to school just yet! I heard her talk to a friend at school the other day, she sounded sooo American! She totally nails the accent, but sticks to British pronunciation at home (sounds quite posh, actually), which is really funny, she obviously separates the two accents, whereas Elise just sounds more and more American all the time.
Off now for coffee & cake at some friends’ house, then to see Toy Story 3 (I know I know, we must be the only people on the planet who haven’t seen it yet…).

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