F and I decided to venture up to the city today and visit the Aquarium of the Bay, famous for its sharks. We’re nearing the end of September, which means the city is actually becoming nice once more, after months of summer fog. But as it’s been quite hot down here recently, of course the fog hadn’t quite lifted. In fact, it was like travelling to a completely different part of America. Even though SF is only 40 miles away, it feels like it’s in another country. We got on the train down here, in bright sunshine, and then just waded through fog. The fog lifted again at the end of the journey, down by Fisherman’s Wharf by the sea, where it was sunny again (but at least 10 C colder than Los Altos!). And the funniest thing was that while F and I were wearing sandals and just our hoodies for warmth, the San Franciscans had already started to dress for winter, everybody had boots and coats on. I felt like I’d missed something, almost like they’d leapt into the future, and we’d been left behind. I just wonder how people can stand living there during the summer months, it must be just so depressing to be stuck in fog most of the day. So even though I sometimes regret living so far south (the journey up there is very painful), I know I couldn’t stand the weather, so we’ve made the right choice with our location. It’s quite a journey up there – on public transport…. Why can’t this country get the hang of proper trains/buses etc? By car, the journey takes about 45 minutes, but because of weekday traffic and parking issues I decided to take the train, so it took us more than twice as long. But we got the see the sharks! And it’s always nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.

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