I’m missing Strictly Come Dancing. I mean that as in “yes, I miss the whole getting involved, watching every single episode, get totally immersed and then can’t wait for the final, having been there for the whole journey”. I’ve missed the first episode, and that’s it, really. It’s just not happening this year. I’m too far removed, physically ad mentally. I still know who all the contestants are, but it’s just not going to work. It used to be a family event, we all got very emotionally involved. Being able to watch it on the IPlayer on S’s work computer will NOT BE THE SAME. At all. Having just spent a few guilty sneaky hours watching Mistresses Series 3 on Youtube, I know what I’m talking about. I need the “live” factor, the build up during the week. That’s the only way of really enjoying it. I mean, I did enjoy Mistresses, and those moments when I sneaked off proclaiming “Mummy’s working kids, just go and watch telly or play something” were truly delicious. But Strictly…. hm, the only alternative I can think of – and do I really dare say it – is…. watching Dancing With the Stars, which starts here on Monday, and I’ve never heard of the contestants. Heck, at least it’s got Bruno and Len in it. It’ll work somehow. Kinda.

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