I’m trying to organise a night out with the mums from E’s class. As the classes here are mixed up every year, there’s not the same bond between the parents that have been through it all together for years and years, and I think that’s why there’s not much going on socially. And of course that’s got to change! So I’ve taken it upon myself to sort something out for the new year. A good start would be to know where to go, restaurant wise. There are a few around here, some tested, some not (We have a wonderful Japanese restaurant right here in Los Altos, Akane, which has become our new temple on a rare babysitter night. The sashimi is to die for, and I’m salivating just writing about it). It would be nice to go somewhere a bit further afield though. This is where I could do with the help of my favourite restaurant critic, my friend Krista, of passportdelicious (formerly londonelicious.com), an American who used to live in London and now resides in Chicago. If you need to know anything about the dining scene in London (or anything about food and where to eat it in the UK and the rest of Europe and beyond), this is the person to consult. But, alas, she hasn’t covered the Bay Area yet! I can understand that Silicon Valley hardly evokes gastronomic dreams, but San Francisco certainly does. Although nobody in my daughter’s class would want to travel that far for their dinner. Sometimes I do wonder whether we should have picked a different location…

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