So today, the earth finally shook for me. Quite disconcerting, really, although it was a minor quake (3.1), but it certainly hinted at how a bigger one could feel. No damage done, a quick surveying the scene resulted in one Christmas ornament that had fallen off the tree (undamaged). I could hear this loud rumbling noise, and all of a sudden, everything was shaking. I didn’t see the walls warping in and out though (S did), as I was in the bathroom, tweezering my bikini zone (sorry for the detailed description, and no, it’s not a euphemism). Anyway, I was looking down, and actually pinched myself quite hard with the tweezers. Which made me think that people who undergo plastic surgery in California (and I believe it’s where everybody goes to have plastic surgery) must be insane. A tiny tremor, and the scalpel slips! And then what? I know of course that all the major buildings are earthquake-proof, retro-fitted, and can withstand even bigger shakes of the ground, but a tremor will always be there. Well, let’s hope this is it, and there won’t be any more (there actually is a fault line right underneath the house not more than 30m away from ours). It’s raining cats and dogs out there, not the time to become homeless or camp out in the garden (as you’re advised to do in case of a big quake). But then, we’re off to Lake Tahoe for some snow tomorrow and won’t be here anyway (although they have recently discovered a massive fault line that runs through the middle of the lake). Seems that we’re on shaky ground here!

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