F’s Mom’s Day celebration at pre-school. Ah bless…..

After pre-school and school pick-up we go up into the hills for E’s horse riding lesson. She is in a group with 3 other girls, all at least 11 or 12, and the horses are quite a bit bigger than the ones she’s used to riding. She’s doing great until the last 10 minutes, when the comes off in one corner. A big graze and a few tears later, she’s back on and finishes the class. Bare-back riding next week, apparently. I might have to take my Bach Rescue Remedy. Or maybe I’ll just stay in the car and won’t watch… F is also getting into it, helping E groom her horse after the lesson. I can see it now: “Pleeeeeeaaaase Daddy, you’re the best Daddy in the world, please can we have a pony??? We love you sooooo much!”

The weather is finally getting better. 27 degrees forecast for next week, I’ve stocked up on the sun-tan lotion. A few days by the pool are in order, I think. We have to make the most of it while we still have access (2 more weeks). I can’t believe we’ve been here almost a month!

I’m loving today: Supermarket check-out service. There is always someone to help pack your bags, and carry heavy stuff. And very often, the people helping are mentally or physically handicapped people, which is a great concept. And everybody is always happy to chat.

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