Not much to be said about the last few days – except sun, summer, suntan lotion, swimming pool. Aaaaahhhh… We’re conserving our energy for the big move next week. I’d almost forgotten we have to move AGAIN.

One thought on “ Enjoying California ”

  1. Hi Steph & Co, soooo lovely to read you Blogs, and wow how much have you as a family experienced in such a short time. I know it can't all be easy with your friends/family this end, but your life from this end looks fantastic, really delighted you and the kids are settling so quick. Love the drive-thru school drop off, wow, we now have HUGE yellow ZIG ZAGs outside the discovery school, poo, so even less parking space but much safer.Loved the Maypole dancing, pre-school Mum's day. This past weekend there has been a lot of May Day celebrations in Kent, and I took Darcy to Kent Life, there were a school group dancing around the Maypole (in blustery winds and sad music) Your maypole looked much nicer.Take care and hope now I've got this on my favorites to stay in touch .Aufwiederzien Pet!Sonia van der Lindexxxx


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