This last week was mostly spent…. getting a tan, and getting my head round children’s after school activities. It seems that American moms spend the whole day driving their kids from appointment to appointment and managing their kids’ schedules. There are so many activities, clubs, societies, volunteer organisations…. it’ll take a while to figure it all out, but my impression is that it’s all really competitive and it’s not normal if your child doesn’t do stuff every single day. But we’ll fit in somewhere, and it must be ok if E refuses to play “soccer”.
We discover another amazing park where the girls run wild for 2 hours, while I just sit on the grass looking at the huge and beautiful trees. Everything is so green here. The park is right next to a YMCA leisure complex, which we go and check out. It’s a really nice gym, and it looks like we can repeat our David Lloyd experience (but cheaper, how’s that?) with swimming lessons, dance classes and kids’ yoga. And it has free childcare!!! That means I can go to a class and drop the kids for 2 hours. Isn’t that amazing?!

On Thursday evening, my mum arrives from Germany. Oh, the happiness! E and F are beside themselves.

And on Friday night, hooray, I go out with my man for the first time in 5 weeks! Los Campesinos are playing in San Francisco, and we leave the girls in my mum’s hands and head off. It’s great driving into the city, you just stay on the freeway (motorway) and it spits you out right in the city centre. We have fun, and the band are great, although – amateur mistake – neither S nor I have our IDs on us which means they can only serve us soft drinks. That certainly won’t happen again….

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